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Teaching Nurses & Future Nurses How to
Reach their Goals & Live Purposefully

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Meet Meisha

Meisha Amia (Woolford) is well known for the impact she has created in the travel nurse industry since 2012 when she took her first contract in Atlanta, GA. Born in Cambridge, MD and nursing graduate from Coppin State University, Meisha now has 15 years of experience and a master’s degree in nursing executive leadership. Over the years she has done her footwork in the community to give back, to educate and to empower other leaders. Registered Nurses who want to negotiate and build a sustainable travel nurse career have been under her mentorship. And she is also a known mentor for high school students interested in nursing. 

Award-winning for her programs/ service in the community; Meisha is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., a published author, former travel nurse of 11 years, a youth mentor, a career coach, and consultant for digital brands. Her self-help book for travel nurses is called, The Bedside Boss: From Scrubs to Six Figures. In 2016, Meisha founded communities for empowerment and education in nursing and entrepreneurship. Meisha founded communities Chicks with Cheques that grew to more than 20,000 entrepreneurs and The Nurse Power Network, which is a community with over 30,000 nurses and home of the Nurse Power Brunch, a space for mentorship and mimosas. In 2017, Meisha started focusing on her philanthropy initiatives, with the launch of Bumps of Love; she has donated over 8,000 diapers to support underprivileged families of Dorchester County.  

Being a community leader in nursing and event settings since 2014, Meisha has developed a passion for community health events and wellness, especially for women and children. Her new role includes coordinating the Adolescent Health Program projects in the community for Maryland Department of Health (Dorchester), focusing on STIs, HIV and Teen Pregnancy Prevention and improving adolescent health outcomes overall. Meisha's mission is to be a pioneer in nursing, sharing her knowledge and skills to promote wellness and self-care within the profession and the adolescents of her local community.


Community Nurse Leader & Mentor

Work with Me
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Your go-to nurse for facilitating workshops, keynote speaking,  panel discussions, events, and mentorship.


Travel Nurse

My Travel Nurse Course teaches nurses how to leave that hospital employee mindset for that six figure negotiating contracts mindset. We cover the ins and outs, the what if's, how to double or triple your income and enjoy 2-3 months vacation a year.


Community Partnerships

Every community needs partnerships to grow, to engage and to succeed. If you are a community organization, interested in ways we can work together for the better of all mankind please contact me with information about your community organization and how we can serve together. 



Check out a few notable television, radio & print interviews from Meisha's Community Nurse Career 

From Scrubs to

Six Figures...

With 50 grand on the line MeMe has to make the decision to take the next flight or stay at home to continue building her empire. Will she go?


JUMPING out of
your comfort zone & JUMPING into your goals

How to create a world of new opportunities with your nursing career. 

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