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Take Your Nursing Degree To Over 6 Figures
AND Actually Work Less!

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Meet Meisha

Meisha Amia is well known for the impact she has created in the travel nurse industry since 2012. She is the executive director/ CEO of Forever Nurse Staffing with 13 years of nursing experience and a master’s degree in nursing (executive leadership). She provides education, strategies and resources to Registered Nurses who want to negotiate rewarding travel contracts and build a sustainable career.

Award winning for her service in the community, Meisha is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., published author, travel nurse, a mentor, a coach, and consultant for digital brands. Her self-help book for travel nurses is called, The Bedside Boss: From Scrubs to Six Figures. While inspiring nurses to step outside of their comfort zones to find happiness and generate wealth, in 2016 Meisha started building a travel nurse entrepreneur community, Chicks with Cheques that grew to more than 30,000 nurses to date. From that she built another network for the traditional nurse culture, The Nurse Power Network.

Meisha’s role as a travel nurse, crisis nurse and disaster nurse for over 35 healthcare facilities in 10 years has equipped her to supply facilities with a large pool of compliant “turnkey” talent, and consult with facilities who are looking for nurse retention strategies and overall improvement of the work environment. In her book, The Bedside Boss: From Scrubs to Six Figures she has been able to help thousands of nurses build self awareness/ purpose, understand contracts and negotiations, deal with compliance issues and organization, create a financial management plan for travel nursing, prepare and manage crisis situations that commonly occur. The strategies in this book have been vital to the growth of the travel nurses impacted by Meisha.

In early 2021, Meisha took her 10 years of travel nurse experience to open Forever Nurse Staffing. Being a travel nurse owned agency and having built a network of over 30,000 travel nurses Meisha is ideal for helping facilities fix their staffing issues and get them turnkey nurses that can meet the demands while saving them thousands of dollars and time.


The Strategist for Travel Nurses and Executive Leader

Work with Me
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Your go-to nurse for growing your leads, panel discussions, events, and negotiating top paying contracts as a travel nurse.


Travel Nurse

My Travel Nurse Course teaches nurses how to leave that hospital employee mindset for that six figure negotiating contracts mindset. We cover the ins and outs, the what if's, how to double or triple your income and enjoy 2-3 months vacation a year.

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Healthcare Training

My healthcare training classes are ideal for those who want to get started in nursing or explore the idea. We offer the Maryland Board of Nursing Medication Technician Program, CPR & First Aid, Family Newborn Care, and Certified Nursing Assistant courses at our agency, Forever Nurse Staffing.

From Scrubs to

Six Figures...

With 50 grand on the line MeMe has to make the decision to take the next flight or stay at home to continue building her empire. Will she go?


JUMPING out of

your comfort zone & JUMPING into your bag

How to leverage Travel Nursing to gain more freedom and flexibility in your nursing career and build wealth

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